About our freight forwarding services


Freight forwarding is a complex process in which practical knowledge, industry knowledge and experience count. We are convinced that only they guarantee timely and reliable execution of orders. This is due to the fact that international forwarding services require perfect, round-the-clock coordination and control over many processes at the same time. We, after almost 30 years of presence in the freight forwarding industry, can boast of such skills.

Our competences in the field of logistics and precision in planning the entire forwarding process allow us to avoid delays, thanks to which the cargo translocation and transport supervised by Polsad Ltd. are always efficient and on time. We guarantee our clients 24/7 cargo monitoring and constant access to information about their whereabouts.

As part of international forwarding services, we deal with everything that improves the translocation process by performing activities such as:

  • consultancy in the field of forwarding, transport and customs matters,
  • forwarding of cargoes in export, import and transit,
  • organization of handling and storage in sea ports,
  • organization of rail and road transport,
  • preparation of required documents in maritime transport,
  • arrangement of sea and inland transport,
  • customs clearance in import and export, including the simplified procedure, confirmation of the EU status (T2L),
  • organization of the required quantitative and qualitative control services as well as official controls: phytosanitary and veterinary.

Regardless of the handling of forwarding orders, we provide consulting and advice on all topics related to the organization of international forwarding by sea transport.